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We offer the most advanced surgical techniques and technologies. We carefully screen all our patients before surgery. We tailor each animal’s anesthetic protocol to its specific needs and to the surgery it will be experiencing. We work diligently to minimize pain, before, during, and after surgery. Our state of the art monitoring equipment monitors your pet’s heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and temperature during surgery. Our veterinary technicians are vital to patient monitoring and care before during and after surgery as well. Unfortunately, you may never meet our invaluable technicians, but your pets will!!!

At Mountain View Animal Hospital, we offer “routine” surgeries including spays (or ovariohystorectomies) for female animals, neuters (or castrations) for male animals, and declawing for young cats. We also offer more advanced surgeries such as ear canal ablasions, cruciate ligament repair, patella tie downs, eye removal (enucleation), bladder surgeries (cystotomy), gastrointestinal surgeries, and “lump” removals.

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